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Best Wireless HD Extender 4K60 HDR10bit Transmission with Ultra Low Latency

We’re proud to announce our latest 4K wireless HD extenders. It offers an impressive range of features, including support for 4K60Hz, HDR, visual lossless, and near-zero latency, which is excellent for lag-sensitive applications.

Wireless HD Extender

ViewPlay HD wireless transmitter and receiver is private protocol-based wireless video solutions that let you wirelessly stream HD video and audio between two devices without any lag even if in different room. the Wireless HDMI kit consists of an HDMI wireless transmitter and an HDMI wireless Receiver. The wireless transmitter streams audio and video from the HDMI source, such as a cable boxes, home theater, set-top box, blu-ray player and other devices with HDMI port to the wireless receiver then HDMI output to TV or projector to replace the HDMI cable.

Wireless HD & Wireless Audio / Video Products

Wireless HD Dongle Series

Compact and lightweight design with lower power consumption chipset, the kits consists of a transmitter and a receiver with standard HDMI port, works with any devices with HDMI port, plug and play, no needing to configure or set up anything, which makes it an excellent portable wireless video streaming solution.

Wireless HDMI Dongle WMF2323

HD Wireless Transmitter and Receiver 4K60

By built in our latest vPlay seamless protocol and high-performance H.265 hardware codec engine, our wireless HDMI extender 4K60 ensures a super smooth and high video quality experience. Support IR back control and USB KVM function, auto pairing and auto connection, support one transmitter to multi receivers, which become the entertainment centers at your home.

HD Wireless Transmitter and Receiver 4K60 HDR

Wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver 4k @ 60hz adopt our optimized video DSP and low latency communication protocol, providing an excellent wireless streaming experience indistinguishable from wired HDMI connections. End-to-End Latency is as low as 16 ms. It is the market’s lowest latency and most stable WiFi-based HD transmission solution, very suitable for scenarios that require low latencies, such as VR, AR.

wireless HDMI with no latency WMU3434

Key Features of HD Wireless 4K60 HDR Solution

The world’s first 4K60 wireless video HDMI Extender with HDR product is coming

Private DSP Process

Private DSP for real-time encoding. Capable to handle the worst processing environment when an error occurs in the transmission.

Almost Zero Latency

With proprietary high-efficiency codec, latency is less than 16 ms over Wi-Fi, ideal for low-latency video streaming applications.

Anti-interference Protocol

Innovative vPlay seamless technology ensures stable streaming in a crowded WiFi environment, with long-distance coverage support.

4K HDR Vision Lossless

Embedded with vision lossless compression codec technology, deliver 4K 60 HDR high quality, stunning clarity, rich details, and deep depth.

video transmit from one transmitter to multiple receivers

Multi Cast Supported

wireless HDMI transmitter with multiple receivers supported, excellent for education or digital signage applications.

Support 38-56KHz IR extended function

KVM Function

Supports USB KVM, touch screen back control, and infrared remote control functions, easy to control the video devices remotely.


viewplay TV on the living room

Consumer Applications

Wireless streaming device for Entertainment

Stream content wirelessly between different rooms.

Wireless Projector:

Project anything from your laptop, smartphone, set-top box and Blu-ray DVD player to a big screen.

Wireless Gaming to TV

Streaming video games wirelessly from a computer to a television in your home with ultra-low latency.

Wireless Split TV

With built-in HDMI wireless receivers in the TV and HDMI wireless transmitter in the TX box, the panel becomes HDMI wireless panel.

zero latency wireless HDMI solution for drone

Enterprise / Industrial /SI Applications

HDMI Extender in Pro AV System

Stream video in Video wall and digital signage applications. 

UAV FPV Application

The UAV FPV Drone has an integrated camera with ultra-low latency HD video transmission capability for FPV.

Wireless video streaming in filmmaking

Streaming video games wirelessly from a computer to a television in your home with ultra-low latency.

Wireless VR/AR HMD

Replacing the HDMI cable between the VR/AR headset and the computer or game console with wireless streaming technology.

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Introduction The wireless

Frequent Questions and Answers

Generally speaking, we can divide the wireless HDMI transmitters into two types:

The product adopts compressed video streaming solutions (such as Motion Jpeg, H.264, H.265) since video compression takes some time, so it has about 100ms lag.

The product adopts an un-compressed video streaming solution (such as Amimon solution or 60G) since there is no need to compress the video. There is no lag.

Of course, there are many wireless video transmission products on the market which can streaming video audio from laptop pc, smartphone or other video source wirelessly to other display; The problem is how to choose a suitable product. Usually, the resolution, smoothness, delay, and audio and video synchronization are the critical issues when selecting the right products

All of our products built-in high-performance WiFi module and high sensitive antenna, the max WiFi distance between TX/RX could reach at least 50 meters- 200meters in the clear light of sight.

However, If the environment is not good (too many WiFi signals or concrete walls), the distance could be much shorter.

If you find the transmission distance is very short, please follow the below step for checking.
Move the HD transmitter and the HD receiver from the immediate vicinity of the connected HDMI sources and WiFi equipment. These may affect the range.
Slightly adjusting the position of the HD transmitter and receiver may help.
Too much distance between HDMI transmitter and HDMI receiver, try using shorter distances.
Please disconnect the power adapters from the wall socket and reconnect them to reboot the TV Anywhere Wireless HD.

Take ViewPlay wireless av transmitter and receiver as an example, which supports plug and play, no software and setting required.

Connect the wireless AV sender with a video source, and connect the wireless AV receiver with a display. power on the TX and RX, the devices will auto connect and start streaming videos. 

Can you send HDMI signal wirelessly?

Normally you need HDMI cable to connect the video source and TV, but it’s not convenient.

with wireless HDMI cable can replace the HDMI cable. 

the wireless HDMI cable consists of one wireless sender and wireless receiver. 

Connect the wireless sender with a video source and connect the wireless receiver with the TV. then the user can extend the HDMI signal wirelessly even if it’s located in different rooms. 

It depends on which wireless standards are used.

if it’s 60G or Wigig solution, the distance is very short. Normally it’s within 10 meters. 

if it’s 2.4G or 5.8G, the distance is much longer. normally the distance can be 100meters above with  high-sensitive antenna. 

if it’s a 4G module, then the distance can be 10 kilometers, which is normally used in drone applications.