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Analog Video Recorder

Model No.: HD1000

Convert old video cassettes into digital format to preserve valuable memories.

With the ViewPlay analog video recorder, you can easily convert your VHS, VCRs, DVRs, camcorders, Hi8, or old Video Tapes into digital formats with just one click, you can enjoy your old movie again, and share your family memories from 20 years ago.

With support for USB 3.0 disks and TF cards up to 128GB, the converter supports both types of storage and saves videos in MP4 format.

You can also watch your digital video files on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, or your television at any time anywhere.

Key Features of Analog Video Recorder

analog video recorder with 3.5 inches panel

Built-in 3.5'' LCD Panel

We designed a 3.5 inches LCD screen on our analog video recorder device so that the user could easily watch videos anywhere without having to connect them to a computer or TV. 

analog video recorder with battery

Large Capacity Battery

Large-capacity batteries are built into the analog video recorder so they can support up to two hours of playback, which is very convenient for the user to record anywhere.

analog video recorder with H.264 compression standard

Powerful H.264 Hardware Encoder

The powerful H.264 hardware encoder is ideal for encoding high-quality video content, recording resolutions up to 720×480 Pixels, keep your memories vivid.



analog video recorder suport RCA interport

Convert VCRs to Digital Formats

Record from VCRs, VHS, DVRs, camcorders, Hi8, or old Video Tapes to Digital files with one click. You can enjoy your old movie again, and share your family memories from 20 years ago.


viewplay analog video recorder with U disk and TF card storage

U Disk/TF Card Storage

Support USB 3.0 Disk (Up to 128 GB) or TF card (up to 128 GB), plug the USB disk and TF card into the recorder, and after one click, the converter will digitalize and save the video in MP4 files.

viewplay analog video recorder button

Pause and Auto Stop Features

The full functional portable analog video recorder support auto stop feature, pause/resume while recording without audio and video sync issue. 

Technical Specification

Model No.:


CVBS/S-Video Input

NTSC 720x480i60 / PAL 720x576i50

HDMI Output


LCD Panel

3.5 inches LCD Panel


1w High quality speaker


720x480p60 / 720x576p50/ 640x480p60

Supported File Systems


Recording Format

MP4 (H.264)

Recording Capacity

Maximum 4GB per file

Recording Capacity


Maximum Storage Capacity


Power Supply: